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annotated list of all the major trijunctions in the world both fully recognized & merely probable

part 1
official united nations trijunctions

all fully agreed directly monumented de jure tripoints except as otherwise noted 

country digraph decoding table
with directional suffixes e&w or n&s as necessary 

001 adesfre 
002 adesfrw probably unmarked summit point
003 aeqasa hypothetical equidistant maritime point disputed by emirates
004 aeomsa mostly agreed but not yet marked
005 afcnpk disputed by afghanistan & probably unmarked at summit
006 afcntj probably at unmarked ridge junction near summit
007 afirpk disputed by afghanistan
008 afirtm unmarked in avulsed river bed
009 aftjuz on thalweg
010 aftmuz formerly on thalweg & evidently still barely within river after avulsion

011 algrmk buoy in lake
012 almers now in quasi independent kosovo
013 almkrs marked as agreed but only with kosovo
014 amazge soviet position likely still unmarked
015 amazire on thalweg in karabakh occupied area 
016 amazirw on thalweg
017 amaztr on thalweg
018 amgetr
019 aocdcg on thalweg
020 aocdzm 

021 aonazm
022 arbocl possibly unmarked at summit
023 arbopy on thalweg
024 arbrpy at thalweg junction
025 arbruy disputed but on thalweg if not at thalweg junction
026 atchde hypothetical equidistant point in lake disputed by austria
027 atchit
028 atchlin more likely on median line than thalweg
029 atchlis
030 atczde

031 atczsk probably at median junction
032 athusi
033 athusk
034 atitsi
035 azgeru soviet position possibly still unmarked
036 azirtm hypothetical equidistant point in lake disputed by iran
037 azirtr at thalweg junction
038 azkzru hypothetical equidistant point in lake
039 azkztm hypothetical equidistant point in lake
040 bahrme yugoslav position possibly still unmarked

041 bahrrs yugoslav position probably on thalweg
042 bamers yugoslav position possibly still unmarked
043 bdinmm probably marked at ridge junction
044 bedelu demarcated riverine condominial triline
045 bedenl
046 befrlu at median junction
047 bfbjne likely on median or thalweg
048 bfbjtg probably marked
049 bfcigh on thalweg
050 bfciml probably at thalweg junction

051 bfghtg on median ilne
052 bfmlne colonial position not fixed with certainty
053 bggrmk
054 bggrtr on median line of main channel near ceremonial monument on island
055 bgmkrs
056 bgrors at thalweg junction
057 bhqasa hypothetical maritime point
058 bicdrw at thalweg junction
059 bicdtz on indefinite median line of lake
060 birwtz at thalweg junction

061 bjneng on thalweg
062 bobrpe at median junction
063 bobrpy probably at thalweg junction
064 boclpe
065 brcope on thalweg
066 brcove on thalweg
067 brfrsr marked position disputed by suriname
068 brgysr marked position disputed by suriname
069 brgyve marked position disputed by venezuela
070 btcnine indefinite mcmahon line position disputed by china

071 btcninw indefinite position contested by china
072 bwnaza probably unmarked in normally dry stream bed
073 bwnazm at thalweg junction if not precluded by likewise hypothetical but unlisted bwnazw & nazmzw
074 bwzazw probably at median junction
075 bwzmzw on median line if not precluded by likewise hypothetical but unlisted bwnazw & nazmzw 
076 byltlv
077 byltpl on median line
078 bylvru at median junction
079 byplua probably on median line or thalweg
080 byruua

081 bzgthn negotiated but still only hypothetical equidistant maritime point
082 bzgtmx marked but not fully agreed
083 cdcfcg on thalweg
084 cdcfsd
085 cdrwug probably unmarked summit point
086 cdsdug on watershed divide but not fixed with certainty
087 cdtzzm indeterminate but probably on median line of lake
088 cfcgcm on thalweg
089 cfcmtd on median line
090 cfsdtd probably on median line

091 cgcmga on thalweg if discernible or median line if not
092 chdefr on thalweg
093 chfrit possibly unmarked summit point
094 cignlr not fixed with certainty
095 cignml colonial position not fixed with certainty but probably on median line of stream
096 cmgagq
097 cmngtd unmarked on dry lake bed
098 cninmm indefinite mcmahon line position disputed by china
099 cninnpe probably unmarked summit point
100 cninnpw unmarked watershed trijunction contested by india

101 cninpk at or near karakoram pass de facto
102 cnkgkz probably unmarked summit point
103 cnkgtj probably unmarked summit point
104 cnkpru demarcated riverine condominial triline
105 cnkzru probably unmarked at ridge junction
106 cnlamm on thalweg
107 cnlavn
108 cnmnrue
109 cnmnruw probably unmarked summit point
110 coecpe disputed point on thalweg if not at thalweg junction

111 czdepl at median junction
112 czplsk
113 defrlu demarcated riverine condominial triline
114 djeret probably unmarked summit point
115 djerye hypothetical equidistant maritime point
116 djetso probably marked summit point
117 dzlyne probably unmarked on ridge
118 dzlytn
119 dzmamr unmarked on bank of wadi
120 dzmlmr unmarked

121 dzmlne colonial position not fixed with certainty
122 eelvru on median line
123 egiljo hypothetical equidistant maritime point
124 egjosa hypothetical equidistant maritime point
125 eglysd unmarked
126 eretsd probably on median line
127 etkesd not fixed with certainty
128 etkeso on thalweg
129 finoru
130 finose

131 gngwsn
132 gnlrsl marked in stream confluence
133 gnmlsn at unspecified point of stream intersecting crest line
134 gthnsv
135 hnnisve small tridominial area of shared internal waters within gulf
136 hnnisvw larger tridominial area straddling closing line of gulf & combining shared internal waters & territorial seas
137 hrhurs disputed position either on thalweg or in canal
138 hrhusi disputed position but probably on median line in either case 
139 hritsi negotiated but not yet fully agreed maritime point
140 hurors

141 huroua probably at median junction
142 huskua on median line
143 idmysge hypothetical equidistant maritime point
144 idmysgw hypothetical equidistant maritime point
145 iljosy de facto buffered trijunction
146 illbsy de facto buffered trijunction
147 iqirtr
148 iqjosa position revised in 1984 possibly demarcated
149 iqjosy no known marker
150 iqkwsa

151 iqsytr at thalweg junction
152 kesdug fixed only approximately
153 ketzug in lake
154 kgkzuz soviet position at ridge junction later agreed but probably still unmarked
155 kgtjuz soviet position possibly still unmarked
156 khlath delimited but probably unmarked at pass on ridge
157 khlavn position agreed & demarcation projected
158 kztmuz soviet position probably still unmarked
159 lammth at thalweg junction
160 ltplru

161 lynedt unmarkable in shifting dunes
162 lysdtd
163 mdrouan on thalweg
164 mdrouas on thalweg
165 mlmrsn riparian point in confluence opposite median line of tributary
166 mwmztz disputed point on median line of lake or of river mouth
167 mwmzzm probably marked on watershed crest or summit yet possibly only provisional
168 mwtzzm
169 mzszzan
170 mzszzas at intersection of thalweg or median line with ridge

171 mzzazw probably at median junction of intermittent rivers
172 mzzmzw at thalweg junction
173 nengtd unmarked on dry lake bed
174 omsaye
175 plskua     
176 rwtzug at thalweg junction

part 2
other probable trijunctions

miscellaneous mostly de facto tripoints with territorial or country codes improvised as needed & indicated
& numerical suffixes where directional suffixes would be impractical

177 abgeru abkhazia per soviet position at glaciated ridge junction
178 amaznk where karabagh held & rump azerbaijan meet armenia at an uncertain position in kalbajar rayon
179 azirnk where karabagh held & rump azerbaijan meet iran at the tripoint of zangelan & jabrayil rayons
180 cfsdss de jure south sudan with rump sudan westerly tripoint expected 2012 

181 cygbkk1 kuzey kibris aka northern cyprus with cypus & westerly dhekelia in buffered trijunction
182 cygbkk2 easterly dhekelia buffered trijunction
183 cygbkk3 westerly ayios nikolaos buffered trijunction
184 cygbkk4 easterly ayios nikolaos buffered trijunction
185 dzehma the all but extinguished western sahara probability
186 eggzile formerly egilps or egilpse the major gaza probability at kerem sholom
187 eggzilw the lesser but still real gaza probability at the seacoast absent territorial seas 
188 ethaso where rump somaliland aka hargeisa & rump somalia meet ethiopia at an uncertain position in togdheer region
189 etsdss de jure south sudan with rump sudan easterly tripoint expected 2012
190 geosrue easterly south ossetia per soviet position at ridge junction summit

191 geosruw westerly south ossetia per soviet position at ridge junction summit
192 iljowb1 formerly iljopsn the west bank corridor tripoint on upriver or actually western side of allenby bridge
193 iljowb2 formerly iljopss the west bank corridor tripoint on downriver or eastern side of allenby bridge
194 kdiqir where kurd held & rump iraq meet iran at the tripoint of diyala & wasit provinces
195 kdiqsy where kurd held & rump iraq meet syria at the tripoint of al baaj & sinjar districts of ninawa province
196 ksmers westerly kosovo & rump serbia tripoint with montenegro
197 ksmkrs easterly kosovo & rump serbia tripoint with macedonia
198 mdpdua1 westernmost pridnestrovie tripoint at soviet position on dneister thalweg
199 mdpdua2 northerly rump moldova exclave tripoint near vasilievca
200 mdpdua3 southerly rump moldova exclave tripoint near vasilievca

201 mdpdua4 southernmost pridnestrovie tripoint at soviet position on dneister thalweg
202 phtwvn hypothetical equidistant maritime tripoint between philippine taiwanese & vietnamese held spratly islands

t r i c o u n t r y
the revised iso coded official united nations tripoint registry & yearbook

as of 24 july 2009 

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